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Best paella in Barcelona "Living Barcelona 1925"

Restaurant is located a few steps from Hotel Lloret Ramblas (see map). Living Barcelona 1925 is located next to the recently discovered archeological remains of the Sepulchral Roman way found and the Vila Madrid Square, which offers a quiet oasis in the middle of Rambla's busy atmosphere to the visitors.

Here, Living Barcelona 1925's team have achived a recomendable restaurant which operates day and night, where you can be kindly treated in a good atmosphere and enjoy the best paella in Barcelona perared by our expert chefs.

After eating is the moment to go to the next level, 19 steps is the distance that separates the restaurant from the Tapas Lounge Bar, where the day or night continues with good music, a variety of cocktails, tapas, and a very comfortable place to share.

Facade living Barcelona restaurant
Terrace entrance from plaza Vila Madrid
Interior with tables at night
Tapas Longe Bar
Chill out with sofa
Another place of the cocktail bar
panoramic wiew of the bar