Barcelona offer a huge variety of cultural activities and more than 50 museums distributed around the city. We highlighted Catalunya Art Museum with awesome collection of the romanic period, or the amazing Picasso museum with more than 4200 works of the famous malagueño artist, also modern art in the MACBA museum with works of Antoni Tapies, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali an many other contemporary artists.

▷Top 5 Most Visited Museums in Barcelona

Contemporary museum of art in Barcelona
In the ramshackle Raval neighborhood is built MACBA, on of the best museum of the modern art with a futuristic appearance a building designed by the american architect Richard Meier in 1990. This museum has been constructed to hold contemporary arts works, as well as installations and artistic events.

Picasso Museum Barcelona
The Picasso museum is located in Gothic quarter and the building is composed of 5 mansions of gothic style, that were acquire for the city council. There are Picasso’s works from the beginning, in the notepad, go through blue and rose period until the most famous, cubist works.

Barcelona Design Museum
Recentley opened, the design museum of Barcelona is located in the area with more impact in Barcelona, the 22@. This museum is divided y 3 floors of which each one contains expositions that range fashion design, industrial design and also graphic design.

Fundació Joan Mirò
The Miro fundation it’s found in the hill of Montjuic and was the first contemporay museum of art in Barcelona, today more than 10.000 works of the racionalist artist, between sketchs, paintings, sculptures and draws.

Catalonia Art Museum
One of the best romanic art museum in the world, is located at the foot of Monrjuic. The MNAC impressive building that was constructed for the intenation exposition in 1929 with 32.000 m2 full of romanic art like a murals, wood carvings, pieces of jewelery and stone sculptures.

Maritim Museum of Barcelona
At the end of Las Ramblas is where on Maritim museum is located, an a property with 8 gothic buildings from 1381 that was used to repair ships. Today is dedicated to spread the naval history of the Mediterranean. .