Top 5 Beaches to Escape the Bustle of Barcelona

Barcelona has more than 4 km long beach – from Barceloneta to the Port Olímpic. Barcelona’s beach was renewed and nowadays is excellently equipped with numerous showers, deck chairs, and ambulance. In summer the beach of Barcelona is rather crowded, both, during day and night times, there are numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs around this area.

Garraf Beach

On railways and less than 15 min to the south of Barcelona, we find Garraf Beach, which is located in privileged place and away from the bustling big city, it has a length approximately 3km of medium grain sand, calm waters and quaint fishermen’s cottages on the beach. There are restaurants on the beach where you can enjoy the views while you eat or enjoy a snack.



Sant Adrià de Besòs Beach

Playa del Litoral (Sant Adria de Besos) is facing a disused power station stunning, you’ll recognize it from a distance because there are three tall chimneys and industrial landscape. The long beach is 1.3km and the waters are very quiet. To get from the hotel Lloret Ramblas railroads R1 Plaza Catalunya stop San Adria de Besos from there 5 min walk.



El Masnou Beach

Another beaches near to Barcelona are in Maresme coast, and they are accessible through the R1 railways. The railroad tracks are parallel to the coast and the stations are a stone’s throw from the beach. The semi-urban El Masnou Beeach is one of the first in the region and one of the widest, also known as the corner of surfers, although that name the waters are calm, there are plenty of activities and beach bars where to eat.



Premiá de Mar Beach

Near to Barcelona in the Maresme region is located Premiá de Mar, small golden beaches and clear waters invite you to swim in the Mediterranean. The beach is not very wide no bars or restaurants, but easily accessible through an underpass to the village center.



Castelldefelds Beach

Castelldefelds is just 20km to the south of Barcelona, with its long beach of 5 km of sand and shallow water. Beach bars are an attraction for sun lovers during the weekend with sea food and sangria in abundance.


Beaches near Barcelona

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