Get to know the bustling Las Ramblas in Barcelona

We suggest thing to do in Las Ramblas, shops, restaurants, bars and other places to visit. In fact, it’s a single street called La Rambla, but it was so well known for its active life and for being a place so lively and full of commerce that it and its adjacent streets became known as simply “Las Ramblas” .

Kiosk on Las Ramblas Barcelona

The famous Las Ramblas de Barcelona are the cosmopolitan and cultural portrait to the millions of tourists who visit Barcelona and who are in this side of the city, exclusive for pedestrians, leafy and full of movement. The main street La Rambla starts in Plaça Catalunya and goes to the roundabout where Christopher Columbus monument points to America. Whether you go out for a walk, to discover a bar, eat at some restaurant or shop, see below all you can see and do in Las Ramblas.

Restaurants and Bars in Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas Avenue has a huge variety of restaurants, with the option of sitting inside or at the tables sitting in the middle of the street. Apart from being a very touristy and typical Barcelona street, it is a great place to try the typical cuisine and still watch the movement and life of the city’s residents. Some of the restaurants in Barcelona, ​​taking advantage of the tourist places, usually raise prices a little. But something very common is asking to see the menu before sitting down, a good opportunity to check the values ​​and see if there is any restaurant more in mind and even more typical. Just as there are restaurants, there are also bars around the Ramblas. Even if it’s to just have a beer, sit on one of them and enjoy the moment.

Shops in Las Ramblas

On Las Ramblas you will see that street performers take advantage of the movement to perform and earn a buck. There are also “clandestine” vendors and street vendors selling crafts. In addition to the diverse shops of souvenirs of the city. But right at the beginning of the street, in Plaza Catalunya, there are other huge stores like H & M, Mango and the huge department store El Corte Inglés, which sells everything and has more than five floors.

Suvenirs on La Rambla de Canaletes

Mercat de la Boqueria Municipal Market

When you are strolling along La Rambla, make sure to do not skip Mercat de la Boqueria, the Barcelona market, and feel its different aromas and tastes. The stalls fill the eyes of the tourists and in them it is possible to find various products ranging from typical fruits and delights to products from all over the world. It is a very nice place to meet and the food is very cheap compared to the restaurants there. Inside it is possible to have lunch in one of the restaurants or eat in the stalls themselves. For those who like fish and seafood is a must stop. The juices and fruit salads are a delight and very cheap as well.

La Boqueria market view from la Rambla

Nightlife and Nightlife in Las Ramblas

At night, Las Ramblas is very busy and full of young people, but it depends on the day. There are some promoteres in the middle of the avenue trying to get everyone inside. These are some of the coolest and cheapest Barcelona places to go at night, so it pays to get into some to experience.

Artists on Las Ramblas at night

How to get to Las Ramblas

To get there there are several options, by the metro in the stations of the line L3 Drassanes and Liceu or Catalunya with the line L1. Las Ramblas also serves as a borderline between two neighborhoods, El Raval on the left and the Gothic Quarter on the right. A tip that is always welcome is that although it is not a violent city, in Las Ramblas there are many cases of thefts. The pickpockets get smart and take advantage of all the movement that the street generates, so they steal the wallets very quickly and you do not even know it. So the tip is do not neglect and always be aware of your belongings.

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