The church is the most visited in Spain and has become the postcard of Barcelona. La Sagrada Familia colossal Antoni Gaudí masterpiece that dedicated almost in exclusive, the last year of his life.

It’s just one of his works, but there are more spread around the city, but undoubtedly, a great symbol of his work, precisely because it is an unfinished church, and still with much success

Below we give you information about Sagrada Family, visiting hours, history and how to get there.

Sagrada Familia construction

With the direction of Franciso de Paula del Villar architect the construction of the crypt under the largest altar (apse) start in 1882.  Later, leave the leadership because of driving disagreement of the construction.

In 1883 Gaudí take the control of the project and decided to make a new project bigger and transgressor than the other, because he receives money from an unknown person.

Gaudí unmade the other project and set out a huge and original work from all points of view, so he used the form and construction to explain the gospel with sculptures.

In the coming years the basis of the Nativity facade started most ornamental and decorative. Gaudí propose that construction, to call the people to get closer to church and God.

facade nativity detail Sagrada Famila

In 1914 was, when Gaudi dedicated to build only La Sagrada Familia, until the end of his life. The dedication is such, that begins to live in the marquetry workshop, drawing and others creative activities related with the build of the temple.

Gaudi's weight bearing model of the Sagrada Familia

This is a previous study that served to calculate the structure for la Sagrada Familia. Multifunctional model with weights and ropes for Colonia Guell church.

Inspired by the bible, Gaudí wanted to merge religion and faith with architecture and give a symbol of inspiration to Catholic Religion. Every square centimeter of Sagrada Familia was studied until the smallest detail, such as the composition of the sculptural figures of the facade.

The towers that rise more than 20 meters, symbolize the bond of the man with God.

figures nativity facade Sagrada Familia

The symbolism of the images that were placed was to express feelings of anguish and suffering of Jesus until death. Also the western orientation manages project shadows to the sculptures, and so get greater hardness.

Sagrada Familia interior

Sagrada Familia interior roof

Carrer Mallorca, 401
Barcelona 08013 (España)

Metro L2 y L5 Sagrada Família

Bus 19, 33, 34, 43, 44, 50, 51, B20 y B24

Every day to many people visit la Sagrada Familia for that reason when you buy tickets online you will be assigned specific time. The opening and closing time are from 9:00 to 20:00 all year long.

Templo expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia tickets online

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