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Sant Jordi’s day – Roses, Books and Love


Legend has it that a brave Sant Jordi killed the dragon and saved the city from its wrath. The dragon shed its blood and magically grew a rosebush. From this shrub, Sant Jordi ripped the most beautiful flower for the princess and thus be able to win over.


Sant Jordi’s Day – red roses

Sant Jordi can be seen in many of the corners of the city with and without the dragon, but you have to be very attentive when you visit Barcelona. He is represented in stone or steel in many monuments in Barcelona and the terrible dragon coiled around lamps and iron fences. While the legend with the dragon does not seem to be very romantic, it has become the symbol of the day of lovers in Catalonia: Sant Jordi day, celebrated each year on April 23rd, just when the city is wrapped in full spring, The day of Sant Jordi is the Catalan version of the day of lovers. On April 23rd, in all corners of the city, the sellers of roses begin to offer a red rose with long stem accompanied by a spike of wheat and a golden bow, which represents the colors of the Catalan flag.


Sant Jordi’s Day – Choosing the right rose

Men buy roses for women, but not bouquets if not just a single red rose, while women give books to the men they buy along Las ramblas, or Passeig de Gracia, or in many bookshops. On April 23 many writers have stands and sign next to the Paseo de Gracia, meaning many books that are given go with dedications.


Did you know that the legend of Sant Jordi has been inspired by the architecture of the Casa Batlló, Gaudí’s masterpiece?

1. If you look at the Batlló house for the front, you will see that it has a cross with four points, that represents the sword with which he killed the dragon.

2. The roof has the shape of the dragon’s scales.

3. A small balcony that is in the highest part and in the middle is the balcony of the Princess.

4. In the interior of the Batlló house, there is a room shape arches that represents the rib cage of the dragon.

5. The balconies with mask forms, are the skulls of the victims of the dragon.

6. The columns of the outer window look like the bones of the victims of the dragon

7. In the lobby there is a ladder which resembles the dragon-tail form.



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