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Amazing flea Market in Barcelona


This market has 700 years old, in diferents locations of the city, from the begining the medieval market in the Sant Jaume square until Pla del Palau, next to La Llotja. In 1928 duruing the International exposition, Los encants were moved provisionally to Las Glories square.

As you can see the new building preserves the essence of the old open-air market, as it does not have side walls, but a roof now protects merchants and customers from the weather, which is more convenient compared to the previous location. The Encants have a large influx of people, around 100,000 visits weekly.

Los Encants are paradise for the antique forinture lovers and courious. Walking through the market can last for hours, searching through the haggling stalls and finally taking something in the different snack bars located on the top floor. Although in the end, you do not get what you were looking for, the visit is worth it.

Encantes market will find used clothing, electronics, antiques, anyway if you buy there, you have to be willing to haggle the price, and is just steps from the famous Agbar tower.

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Address: Avenida Meridiana, 73
Nearby: Glories (L1)
Buses: H12, V21, 7, 92 and 192.
Tram: Station Glòries Mercat T4, T5 and T6

More info: Encants Barcelona

La Boqueria market

La Rambla market

A food shrine, this market has it all, from stacks of fruits, to sucking pigs and lobsters.

For many years it was the city market but it has changed to what it is today. The constant renovations have transformed what was, a few sellers of meat, into one of the largest markets in Europe, today occupies more than 2,500 square meters and shelter, more than 273 stands.

The size and number of merchants is comparable only with the variety of products offered in the market. We can find poultry, meat, meat products, dried and fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, olives, eggs, frozen, homemade pasta, sweets. Beyond that, the market offers different programs, which are centered around cooking classes for adults and children, and also wine tasting which is the most common.

When you enter to the market you see a lot of people running along the line of the stop, merchants offering their products out loud.

Despite of the location the entry is in the middle of La Rambla one of the most famous tourist attractions of the city what is the undeniable destination for the vistors intersting in a culinary pleasure, it’s much more than a simple attraction for those that want to get acquainted with local tastes. This is the time of the highly recommended Catalan cuisine where the local farmers and the chefs of the small bars represent the deep culinary tradition of the region.

The market is open every day from 8:00 a.m to 8:30 p.m except on Sundays, but if you want to avoid crowded, you should go after 2:00 of the evening, before of that the market is full of people. On sutarday the merchant try to sell all the products, specially fresh like a fish, wich is very convenient that the prices down. On the other hand the most of the citizen of Barcelona know the place on this days, i mean you should expect a lot of people.

Anyway, La Boquería market is a fest for the eyes, buy good wines, learn to cook, drink a glass of fresh juice, eat fast tapa or a full lunch in one of the most legendary bar like Pinotxo, that you find on the entry to the market. It’s a place where you can find almost everthing

Do not miss it.!

How to get there

Go down La Rambla 5 min walk from the Hotel Lloret Ramblas.

La Boqueria Market is located on La Rambla Barcelona

More info
La Boqueria Market
Address: Rambla, 91 08001 Barcelona
Phone: 93 318 25 84

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