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Easter in Barcelona

Main religious and cultural activities for the Easter.

Barcelona is one of the best option to enjoy the Easter week and also the spring first day, visiting the main turistic atraction of the city, testing the cusine and participate in procesions, liturgic acts and culturals.

The Holy Week in Spain begins on Palm Sunday that is the Sunday before of the Holy Week.

There are processions on Sunday in Barcelona. Most celebrations are on Good Friday. Both Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays in Barcelona, ​​all shops are closed, but restaurants and museums are open.

What to do at Easter in Barcelona

Barcelona is very popular during Holy Week, so most tourist attractions will be crowded.

For families with children spending time on holy week in Barcelona, ​​the most popular attractions are Barcelona Zoo, Ciutadella Park, Tibidabo, Barcelona Aquarium and the Magic Fountain in Montjuic. There are many activities to see and do with children in Barcelona.

Shopping in Barcelona on Easter

Some days at Easter the shops are closed (Good Friday and Easter Monday), but the days after, the shops and shopping centers are open.

Barcelona processions

The Easter processions begin in the parishes, they go to the Barcelona Cathedral and then go back. Some processions are decorated with beautiful ornaments that the same brotherhood “hermandandes (in spanish)” are in charge of decorating.

The processions carry an image of Christ made of wood bearing a cross. The figure can also be of the Virgin or another saint. In processions there are people (costaleros) who are responsible to carry the large and heavy carriage. These floats are carried along the route of the procession to the cathedral by the station of penitence in the cathedral and back to the parish.

Palm Sunday

The Palm Sunday is the beginning of the holy week, in all churches in Barcelona the palms are blessed. Some parishes go outside the church to bless people carrying laurel branches or palms and palm trees.

The boys carry the palmons that are higher and the girls the palms that are shorter and intertwined in crosses.

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