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To get from the Barcelona airport to the downtown there are several transports. To choose the convenient, will depend on the terminal that arrive (there are two T1 and T2) and which part of the city go.

Airport Barcelona T1 and Plaza Catalunya with text

The Barcelona Airport – El Prat is 15 Km (30 min by bus) to the city center of Barcelona. It’s well conected with the city and is posible to get to there very cheap. The airport have two terminals T1 and T2.

The T1 (new one) is where all flights to aliances, One World, Star Aliance, Sky Team and Vueling arrive, and many others, For its part, in the T2 (the old one) it’s base operation to the low cost companies like Ryanir, Norweigian, EasyJet o Wizzair.

The two Terminals are connected by the shuttle bus for free. The way beetwen both terminals is around 15 min. This service operate 24 hours, with 5 min wait during the day, and 20 min during the night.

Any case, arrive in any terminal you will have the same transports to get to Barcelona city center, except the train. The train station to connect the airport with Barcelona it’s in the old terminal T2.

From Airport to Barcelona city center – How to 

To get to Barcelona city center from the airport el Prat there are several options. I suggest, if you go to Barcelona center from the airport, is to catch the AeroBus from any terminal, if you are short of time.

If arrive at T2, i prefer to use the train. It’s take a little more time because, there are to go through the walkway until station, and you can wait more than the AeroBus, but the trip is more confortable and cheaper if you use the T10 (tickets for the transport).

1. Aerobus

The AeroBus is a bus that join the Airport with Plaza Catalunya (city center of Barcelona). It ony has 3 stops: Airport – Sepúlveda- Urgell – Plaza Espanya – Plaza Catalunya. If you don’t want stress at the beginning of your trip, this the most popular option.

This bus connect the two terminals and the way is arround 30 min without jam. There are buses constantly, and the frecuency is around 5 or 10 min depending on the time of day. The AeroBus time table:

AirPort – Plaça Catalunya: 05:35 a.m to 01:05 a.m 
Plaça Catalunya – AirPort: 05:00 a.m a 12:30 a.m 

The price of the tickets is 5,9 Euros one way, and you can buy in the bus. You can’t use T10.

If you use the AeroBus to go from Plaza Catalunya to airport be in mind that the line A1 goes to T1 and A2 goes to T2. If you’re wrong, you will have to catch the Shuttle Bus until the other terminal.

Is fastest option and the most used, because depart of the arrive terminals, you get on the bus and set off in minute. Anyway, it’s not the more confortable specially in summer time, when the buses goes full of people depending the time, and nether the cheapest one.


Before to read one, is good to know that there are T10, tickets with 10 trips that you can use at a reduced price in trains, buses, underground in Barcelona. You can use during 75 minutes from the first and last validation of the ticket.

The price of the ticket is 10.20 Eur, arround 1 Eur any way between the airport to the center of Barcelona. In addition is a multiperonal ticket.

Despite the one exception, you can’t use it, in the metro start and finish, destination airport. buy is convenient and save your money. As well as, visiting Barcelona you will use for any journey in the city.

Buy it in the automatic machines, in the station, or ask information in the stall to where to find it. More info:

– https://www.tmb.cat/en/barcelona-fares-metro-bus/single-and-integrated/t-10

2. Bus 46

Bus 46 is the cheaper alternative to AeroBus to get to City Center of Barcelona. Anyway will not let you in Plaza Catalunya, the last stop in Plaza Espanya. Prefect if your hotel is in that area.

The advantange with the AeroBus is the price. The ticket cost 2,15 Eur, and the raide is less than 1 Eur if you use T10. Handicap: Its does no reach to Plaza Catalunya, it’s slow and to much stops, unconfortable, less space for the luggages, less frecuency.

Bus 46 takes 40 to 55 min to do the ride depending in which terminal you are. The way time is 15 to 20 min aprox.

– https://www.tmb.cat/en/barcelona/buses/-/lineabus/46

3. Train: Rodalies R2

The local train o Rodalies R2 connect Barcelona Airport with the downtown. Is the most confortable alternative after taxi. Unfortunately you can catch ony from the T2 terminal.

Local train connect with the city center in 25 minutes. There are several stops beteween Sants and Passeig de Gracia. Form there you can move also in metro to others areas of the city. The central station is Passeig de Gracia that is a few minutes walk to Plaza Catalunya.

The trains set off every 30 min and the single ticket is 4,1 Eur. As well as comfortable the price is convenient if you use T10 (less than 1 Eur) that you can buy in the station. Timetable and more information about the trains:


4. Metro

Another public transport that can you use to go to the airport to the city center of Barcelona is the metro (undergrond) .  There are metro stations in the T1 and T2 terminals.  it’s really easy to use underground in Barcelona dependig where to go.


The underground L9 Sud, for the airport the last stop is Zona Universitaria. The ride is about 30 min. The ticket cost is 4,5 Eur (special rate to get to airport). Unfortunately trains and buses, not use T10 with metro for route to or from the airport.

If your destination is Zona Universitaria so, is a good option. However to get to more centrical areas you have to switch and the ride stretch on.

For example if you have to go to Plaza Catalunya, in Zona Universitaria you will have to switch to L3.


To Know in adavance how to go to Airport El Prat to Barcelona city center is useful. More useful  is to know diferents areas of the city beafore to reserve your hotel. Checking out best areas to stay in Barcelona in the following post:

Accommodations in Barcelona – Best areas to stay

5. Taxi

Taxis are the most comfortable and fastest way to get to your destiny. A raide form Barcelona Airport to Plaza Catalunya the cost will be 30 or 35 Eur. If there is not much traffic it takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Keep in mind that what the meter indicates the driver may apply some surcharges, including luggage and travel to or from the airport. You will see the rates and surcharges on a table inside the taxi. You can also check them in this link:

– http://taxi.amb.cat/s/en/taxista/tarifes-i-taxes.html

6. Private Transfer

Without a doubt the fastest way to get to Barcelona city center. Someone are waiting for sign with your name on it, and private driver will take you until the door of your accommodation.

The price is similar to the taxi. As you can also book a group service, the price becomes more and more interesting as passengers increase.

The prices go around 39 Eur for 3 people, 55 Eur for 7 people, and 79 Eur for 14 people.

7. Rent a Car

Another option to move from the Airport is to do with your own vehicle. If you are in mind to rent a car in Barcelona Airport you will have all facilities.

8. Nigth Bus (NitBus)

How to get to Barcelona Airport form the city center in the early morning. If you have to move to the airport from the city center or vice versa in early morning when no public transport services, you have severals options:

Night Bus N16 – N17 – N18. If you have to move to airport in early morning or form the center, can use Night Bus (NitBus) N16 to T2 and N17 to T1. These buses connect Plaza Catalunya with every Terminal

From 12:30 a.m. there is no AeroBus service, also Bus 46, but you can use Night Bus. The waiting time is around 20 min and the ride is about 40 -50 min. The single ticket is 2,15 Eur and you can use T10.

In addition to the N16 and the N17, a reinforcement line has been added to the N18 that connects the center of Barcelona with the two terminals of the airport. It works every day of the summer time (June to September) and on Fridays throughout the year.

The N18 have the same frecuency like the N16 and N17 but it have less stops and the ride is about 30 min. If you use these buses we recommend informe you in the official website to check shedule changes.

– https://www.ambmobilitat.cat/Principales/BusquedaNitBus.aspx

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