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Interview with a worker of Barcelona Hotel Lloret Ramblas


What is your name: My name is Kaysi.

Where are you from: I’m from Santo Domingo (República Dominicana).

When did you arrive to Barcelona: I arrived in 2000.

Tell me about yourself: Before coming to Barcelona i started to studied nursing, although many of my colleagues do not know it, but then I moved to Barcelona for work. I am an outgoing person and i like to talk with the people.

What do you do in the hotel: I am chambermaid and also serve the breakfast in the mornings.

How long have you been working in the hotel: 14 years.

What is the best to work in the hotel: There camaraderie among employees, and I also like the way we work in the hotel.

Tell me a story in the hotel: A customer left in bed an inflatable doll covered with sheets, and when I entered to the room I thought it was the client who was sleeping, but quickly realized I had already left and I started to laugh.

What do you like of Barcelona: I really like the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, the Ramblas, Paseo Colon and Maremagnum.




Where to stay in Barcelona

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Where to stay in Barcelona: Best areas and negihborhoods

To choose a good area to stay in Barcelona is essential for your experience in the city was be unique.It’s very appealing to know the feature of any place, considering that every area of Barcelona is different each other. and each one have the own beauty.

Best Areas – Where to stay in Barcelona

The most of the travelers prefer to stay in Barcelona in the city center that belong to Ciutat Vella neighborhood, in Paseo de Gracia or Eixample, the area that was build in XIX century when the old city become small.

Remind, when the location of the hotel is more central, more expensive is the average with other areas in respect.

Respect to Barcelona have an excellent public transport that is well connected to all of Barcelona and it’s surroundings via the city’s Metro, bus and train services do not dubt to stay a little furder away to Barcelona city center. Sure you will have a stone throw, metro station or train (Renfe) that connect city center in a few minutes.

1. The city center of Barcelona

If you are looking for down town neigborhood, you must to know that in city center of Barcelona there are many other areas. For example there are areas so differents like Plaza Catalunya (city center of Barcelona), Las Ramblas, Gothic quarter, El Raval, El Born or La Barceloneta.

You can find a select of hotels locared in the center of Barcelona (fairly large central areas) in this link:

Central Hotel in Barcelona

2. Plaza Catalunya

The Catalunya Square is the city center of Barcelona. It’s a big square that is meeting point for many people. In the surrounding you can see many tourist attractions of the city like Paseo de Gracia, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló (Gaudi Houses), Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas among others.

Plaza Catalunya Hotels

3. Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas join Plaza Catalunya with the old port, it’s a pedestrian street with a lot of shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, and night clubs inclusive. This animate boulevard, with a lot of people walking as much for a visitors and citizens. Las Ramblas is the border of two of the most emblematics neighborhood of Barcelona: El Raval and Barri Gotic.

If you don’t find Hotels directly in La Rambla, or adjoining streets, we suggest to take a look to the Gothic area.

Like Plaza Catalunya is an excellent option to stay in Barcelona, is good deal for people who want to stay next to the most tourist attractions of the city, and nightlife as well.

Las Ramblas Hotels

4. Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is one of the bigest and more conserved medieval area in Europe. It´s the oldest part of the city, with laberint of medieval gardens, narrow streets, hidden squares, and where you can find the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Many shops of handmade craft you can find in this area, as well like a design shops, coffe shops, restaurants, and many nightlife, specially in Plaza Reial and surrounding. This charming area it´s very requested to stay in Barcelona.

Gothic quarter Hotels

5. El Born

El Born has became popular years ago and it’s next to gothic area. Bohemian neighborhood, today, is the most trendy in Barcelona. Full of design shops, also is perfect to hang out, have dinner or have a drink.

All the hoteles between Via Laietana and Parque de la Ciutadella are an excellent option and alternative to the gothic area.

– El Born Hotels

6. El Raval

El Raval is the oposite side of Gothic quarter next to Las Ramblas. Years ago was and depressed and dangerous area, today, it has improved a lot, and has become one of the most touristic neighborhoods of Barcelona. In fact, it has become in an interesting offer, to go out to have a drink. In El Raval is located MACBA museum and the famous La Boqueria market.

El Raval Hotels

7. La Barceloneta

In the past was a harbor district and fishing also, and in the same way depressed like el Raval, but in present it has been transformed in one of the neigborhood more requested to live, because it’s next to the beach and really close, to the city center of Barcelona.

Tapas and beach is a good blend, but crowded in summer, something to keep in mind. There are no many hotels in the area but you can find tourist apartments instead.

Barceloneta Hotels

8. Paseo de Gracia

Paseo de Gracia is the best option to stay in Barcelona. This glamorous and luxury street is, in middle of Eixample, and reaches from Plaza Catalunya until Diagonal.

This commercial avenue is, where there are luxury shops, restaurants and coffee shops with very high class.

Paseo de Gracia hotels

9. Eixample

This XIX century neighborhood, it has no labyrinth narrow streets like Ciutat Vella district. Start in Plaza Catalunya and it’s characterized by its broad and tree-lined avenues, and modernist architecture. In this neigborhood there are many turist attractions like Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera and Casa Batlló.

It’s a huge neigborhood, safety and well-communicated. The best area is the left side of El Eixample, form Plaza Catalunya on the left side to Paseo de Gracia. It’s more elegant and pleasant than the right side , has good restaurants and also nightlife. Next to Paseo de Gracia is good deal to sleep in Barcelona.

El Exiample Hotels

10. La Villa Olímpica

This area was the great urban bet of Barcelona for the Olimpic Games, and in that way beat to sea and change

Esta zona fue la gran apuesta urbanística de Barcelona para los Juegos Olímpicos. En su estrategia para cambiar la cara de la ciudad y ganarla al mar, fue la protagonista del cambio urbanístico más profundo de la ciudad.

Today a green neighborhood, modern and with style, very good communicated next to the beach, and perfect for a walk.

Villa Olimpica hotels are modern, and more spacious than the other areas, comfortable, and mostly with pools. Is one of the best districts to stay in Barcelona especially on summer.

Vila Olimpica Hotels

11. Gracia

This neighborhood was an small village and then was incorporate for the growth of Barcelona. Today still preserve a certain village air. It’s specially atractive in august when Fiesta de Gracia is celebrated in many different streets, with fight for the best decoration street.

It’s perfect for who looking for a quiet area, and enjoy the summer nights in some of little square around the neighborhood like Plaza del Sol with nightlife atmosphere.

It’s one of the best areas to stay in Barcelona, specially for people who come back to the city. Also who have looking for a cheap accommodation in Barcelona.

Gracia hotels

12. More areas to stay in Barcelona

In addition to this areas there are more but, maybe less known, anyway, it can be an intersting option considering that the underground net in Barcelona is excellent and connect it with the city center.

Alternative accommodations: Next to Sants station, or people to come to Fira de Barcelona, Sants-Montjuic hotels for people to prefer city views of Barcelona, also Parc Güell hotels, and cheapest option Les Corts hotels for people who want to stay next to Camp Nou stadium.

Stay in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most tourist city in the world, and for that reason there are many options for any budgets and pleasure. There are hundreds of hotels and hostels, and more affordable prices, if you compare with other touristic cities like a Paris, London or Rome.

You can find tidy hotels around 50 Euros if don’t mind to stay away of the city center. 4 star hotels in low season with luckily you can find around 70 Euros, 150 Eur in 5 star hotel.

Barcelona recive many tourist, specially in seasons with better weather. In those month if you want to find good offers it’s necesary to early bookings. If you don’t do it prepear to cough up money with worst hotels.

Hotels in Barcelona

Cheap Stay in Barcelona

Spite its popularity , it’s not a city with an expensive hotels. To find cheap stay in Barcelona is perfectly feasible at least during the low season.

Most of the the hostels and youth hostels in Barcelona offer share rooms between 10 or 15 Euros. In high season the prices higher up, and it’s necessary to advance reservation.

Cheap accommodation in Barcelona

Rent apartment in Barcelona

Rent apartment in Barcelona is good alternative to hotels, especially if you don’t find and hotel that fits your needs and budget. In fact it’s a most popular alternative to stay in Barcelona.

Allow to enjoy more space and own advantages of an apartment. Anyway in Barcelona there are many people, who rent apartments per day with competitive rates.

Apartments in Barcelona




Double room overlooking Las Ramblas

Barcelona Hotel Lloret Ramblas, renovated hotel rooms to provide better service. Our hotel in Barcelona offers standards and superior rooms in the center of Barcelona.

All rooms have private bathroom with amenities of courtesy. Free WIFI and FREE breakfast in direct reservations.


Superior Twin Room with modern style.

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