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Interview with a worker of Barcelona Hotel Lloret Ramblas


What is your name: My name is Kaysi.

Where are you from: I’m from Santo Domingo (República Dominicana).

When did you arrive to Barcelona: I arrived in 2000.

Tell me about yourself: Before coming to Barcelona i started to studied nursing, although many of my colleagues do not know it, but then I moved to Barcelona for work. I am an outgoing person and i like to talk with the people.

What do you do in the hotel: I am chambermaid and also serve the breakfast in the mornings.

How long have you been working in the hotel: 14 years.

What is the best to work in the hotel: There camaraderie among employees, and I also like the way we work in the hotel.

Tell me a story in the hotel: A customer left in bed an inflatable doll covered with sheets, and when I entered to the room I thought it was the client who was sleeping, but quickly realized I had already left and I started to laugh.

What do you like of Barcelona: I really like the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, the Ramblas, Paseo Colon and Maremagnum.




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