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Theater Dali Museum

One of the most famous son of Catalonia and his museum

The Dali museum itself is designed as a great work by the artist, where visitors can experience and immerse yourself in their world. Built on the remains of an ancient theater in Figueras (140 km of Barcelona) the Dali museum has the largest number of works by the artist, from the beginning to the end of his days.

Salvador Dalì the most important artist of the xx century in Spain, and those who have the most surprising ideas. No wonder he has not been commissioned to create his own world of museums. The residence of his museum is the old theater of Figueres, which became especially a museum for him and whose basement is buried in his mausoleum. When Dalí opened the museum in 1974, he had created a very special world, and even today, he impresses visitors with his concept: they will not stop in front of the walls with images and will think: “Aha, that’s about Salvador Dalí”. No, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in their world and their life!

The special highlight of the Teatre-Museu is quickly explained: not only was it collected and put in the room, but it was specially planned for the museum. So you can expect some works of art that Dalì created especially for his museum. These include the Mae West Hall, the famous Lippensofa, the monument to Francec Pujols, the Wind Palace and the black Cadillac under the rain, which is located in the museum’s

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that not all of Dali’s works are explained in detail, but it is about what you feel as an individual being when looking at your work. Therefore, you can make your own image and give yourself an opinion. Only pre-chewed does not get much, independent thinking is quite desirable.

Is it worth a visit?

Definitely, unless you have a problem with little space in the museum, when there are many visitors and you have to plan a longer waiting time at the box office without having to book tickets online. For the visit to the museum, you should have enough time in your pocket; It should be 1.5 to 3 hours. But then the Teatre-Museu is a place for the whole family; if you have an expert or not. Photography without flash is allowed.

La Pedrera (Gaudi’s Masterpiece)

Completed in 1910, this fantastic building, undulating apartment block, with its out-of-this world roof and dedicate wrought ironwork, is one of the most emblematic of all gaudi’s works. La Pedrera, also known as Casa Milà, was Gaudi’s last great civic work before he dedicated the rest of his life to the Sagrada Familia. Restored to its former glory in 1996 after year of decay, La Pedrera now conteins a museum dedicated to the architect, and exhibition centre, a furnished museum apartment, as well as private residences. What makes La Pedrera so magical is that every last detail, from door knobs to light fittings, bears hallmark of Gauidi’s visionary genius.

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Terminado en 1910, este fantástico edificio de ondulantes bloques de apartamentos, techos como si fuera de otro mundo y trabajos en hierro forjado, es uno de las obras de Gaudí más emblemáticas. La Pedrera, también conocida como Casa Milà, fue el último gran trabajo cívico de Gaudí, después dedicó el resto de su vida a la Sagrada Familia. Restaurado en 1996, ahora La Pedrera tiene un museo dedicado al arquitecto, y hay un centro de exposiciones, un apartamento del museo está amueblado, así como residencias privadas. Qué hace que La Pedrera sea tan mágica hasta el último detalle, desde las perillas de las puertas hasta las luminarias llevan el sello de genio visionario de Gaudí.

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